Mission 1

Inviting people to the Ishikari Coast where HAMANASU bloom


The Ishikari Coast, located only a short 40-minute drive from Sapporo, is covered in HAMANASU, which are native to the area.

 If only more people realized how wonderful they are…

 We aim to organize attractive events to foster an even deeper love for the area and draw all types of people to the region, where HAMANASU are a part of people’s daily lives, to be enjoyed not only visually but also through actual physical contact as well.


Festivals & Seminars

Held in early summer when the roses are in full bloom and in autumn during harvest time

HAMANASU Festival & Autumn HAMANASU Day


 In June, the Ishikari Coast is filled with the fragrance of HAMANASU, and in September, the sandy dunes are adorned with ripe, crimson-colored rose hips. We offer nature tours where participants can come into contact with flowering plants that grow on the Ishikari Coast as well as workshops that make use of HAMANASU blossoms and rose hips, and a variety of HAMANASU products, including craft products, foods, cosmetics, etc., are available for purchase. At these events, the charms and appeal of HAMANASU are on full display. 

Let's Learn about HAMANASU



 Learning more about HAMANASU makes people want to visit the Ishikari Coast to see and touch them for themselves. At these seminars, participants can listen to talks by professionals involved in various aspects of HAMANASU. 




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