Mission 3

Energizing the communities of the Ishikari Coast with HAMANASU


 The HAMANASU growing on the Ishikari Coast are preserved and cultivated by the local community. We want more people to realize how wonderful they are. 

 From this desire, we began developing products made from HAMANASU. 

 Since ancient times, people have been incorporating the blossoms, rose hips, and roots of HAMANASU into their daily lives for use in perfumes, medicines, and cooking. 

 We believe that drawing attention to and developing the HAMANASU grown here on the Ishikari Coast as an ingredient will aid in the preservation of the Ishikari Coast and lead to enlivening and energizing the region.



Love Ishikari Coast with HAMANASU Project Original Products

 "I fell in love with the beach roses, adorning the Ishikari Coast with their fragrant blossoms."

 HAMANASU are the roses of the seaside. While commercializing their grand aroma and hidden power, we seek to repay and honor the Ishikari Coast, the mother of these blessings. HAMANASU products–created with this intention–are the results of Love Ishikari Coast with HAMANASU Project , made using carefully hand-picked blossoms and rose hips grown in the HAMANASU Restoration Garden.

HAMANASU Products – Four Brands

 HAMANASU, also known as beach roses, are used to make a broad range of products by making the most of their grand aroma and the beauty benefits of the vitamin C and polyphenols they contain. Creating products out of the HAMANASU that bloom on the Ishikari Coast to revitalize the region is a way for us to repay and honor the Ishikari Coast for producing these blessings. HAMANASU products are what drive this cycle of happiness. 

St. Monica

-Ezo Rose Series-
-Ezo Rose Series-


-Moisture Cream-
-Moisture Cream-

Ocha no Tsuchikura

-Hokkaido Tea Selection-
-Hokkaido Tea Selection-

La table verte

-Honey & Drinks-
-Honey & Drinks-

We Cultivate HAMANASU  for Commercial Use


  While working to preserve the HAMANASU native to the Ishikari Coast, we also cultivate* them for commercial use. 

In addition to developing HAMANASU products, we also aim for HAMANASU to become the Ishikari Brand, to adorn the landscape of Ishikari, and to aid in developing the region by having the usage of HAMANASU reevaluated as a base ingredient, and popularized and used nationwide or even overseas. 

*HAMANASU are cultivated in locations other than the Ishikari Coast for use as product ingredients.




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