Love Ishikari Coast with HAMANASU Project

Leaving the nature of the Ishikari Coast where HAMANASU bloom

Mission 1

Inviting people to the Ishikari Coast

where HAMANASU bloom

 Through this project, we aim to organize attractive events to introduce the Ishikari Coast and HAMANASU using a variety of approaches, including festivals, tours, and even seminars, to foster an even deeper love for the Ishikari Coast, the habitat of HAMANASU (beach roses / Rosa rugosa).

Mission 2

Making a wonderful view


 We aim to bring back the original landscape of the Ishikari Coast. We are testing HAMANASU  restoration methods and working to restore a sight that used to be taken for granted–a landscape of sandy dunes covered in beautiful HAMANASU. 


Mission 3

Energizing the communities of

the Ishikari Coast with HAMANASU

 We are working to develop products made from HAMANASU.  We believe that drawing attention to and developing HAMANASU as an ingredient will aid in the preservation of the Ishikari Coast and lead to enlivening and energizing the region.


The Natural Environment of the Ishikari Coast

 Ishikari River, one of the longest rivers in Japan, flows into the sea at the Ishikari Coast, one of the most beautiful natural coastlines in the country with a vast expanse of coastal dunes, which are home to a diverse range of life. 

 The coastal grasslands and coastal forests covering the 25-kilometer-long stretch of coastal dunes nurture plant life and serve as breeding grounds for birds.

The HAMANASU that Grow on the Ishikari Coast

 HAMANASU, beach roses, bloom along the Ishikari Coast. 

With the arrival of early summer, these roses decorate the coastline in a powerful shade of pink, all the while emanating their faintly sweet fragrance.

 HAMANASU, rooted in the sandy dunes, are buffeted by sand and breezes from the sea, and together with other coastal plants, they create an ecosystem unique to coastal dunes that leads to the formation of coastal grasslands and coastal forests. 

 Small birds build nests in the shade of their leaves; insects gather around their blossoms; animals visit in search of their rose hips… HAMANASU nurture life throughout the entire range of coastal dunes. 


Ishikari HAMANASU Council

 In early summer, beach roses known locally as HAMANASU (Rosa rugosa) come into bloom, adding their fragrance and color to the Ishikari Coast, which is lined with natural coastal woodlands and vast sand dunes covered with seaside plants. In the past, it was common to see people eagerly picking these roses along the Ishikari Coast for use in perfume, as well as children splitting open the crimson-colored rose hips and stuffing them in their mouths as they play on the beach. The sight of flourishing HAMANASU, which have established themselves as vivid and lively members of the local community, could be considered the natural state of the Ishikari Coast. We believe that, by means of these roses, we will be able to preserve the natural environment that remains along the Ishikari Coast and revitalize the residents of Ishikari by creating new ways for people to interact with HAMANASU. To further our three missions of “Inviting people to the Ishikari Coast where HAMANASU bloom,” “Making a wonderful view with HAMANASU,” and “Energizing the communities of the Ishikari Coast with HAMANASU” we–in cooperation with city residents, businesses, and the government–are working to advertise the appeal of the Ishikari Coast and the local region by holding events and creating HAMANASU products, while at the same time working to ensure that HAMANASU are utilized in a sustainable manner. 


Project Overview

What is Love Ishikari Coast with HAMANASU Project?

 The aims of this project are to preserve the HAMANASU -adorned landscape of the Ishikari Coast for future generations, and to create a community that coexists with the natural environment, with HAMANASU as its symbol. Through this project, city residents, businesses, and Ishikari City (Ishikari-hama Coastal Plants Conservation Center) are working together to develop the HAMANASU Restoration Garden (known locally as HAMANASU Saisei-en), a large-scale garden created to aid in restoring HAMANASU to the landscape, and to advertise the appeal of the Ishikari Coast and the local region by holding events and creating HAMANASU products.

Purposes and Policies

  • To promote events that draw as many people as possible to visit the Ishikari Coast 
  • To test HAMANASU restoration methods and work to restore the Ishikari Coast to its original state–a landscape of sandy dunes covered in beautiful HAMANASU
  • To publicly promote the Ishikari Coast and HAMANASU through the creation of products based on the sustainable utilization of HAMANASU

Management System

  • Ishikari HAMANASU Council〈Primarily responsible for organizing events to attract visitors, creating products, and conducting PR activities using products〉
  • Ishikari-hama Coastal Plants Conservation Center〈Primarily responsible for operations at the HAMANASU Restoration Garden〉


⇒Project plans, etc. are shared through liaison meetings.


Our History

  • The project launched in 2013.
  • The HAMANASU Festival Executive Committee, comprised of the Ishikari-hama Coastal Plants Conservation Center (Ishikari City) and volunteers from among residents of the city, began the planning and management of the project.
  • The HAMANASU Festival and events, etc. related to the development of the HAMANASU Restoration Garden have been held every year.
  • In 2014 and 2015, project participants created a series of products that are now used in activities to publicly promote the Ishikari Coast and HAMANASU. 
  • The HAMANASU Festival Executive Committee was progressively dissolved in March 2020. Ishikari HAMANASU Council was established in April of the same year.
  • Currently, the Ishikari-hama Coastal Plants Conservation Center is responsible for operations at the HAMANASU Restoration Garden, and Ishikari HAMANASU Council publicly promotes the region using products and organizing events.


Ishikari HAMANASU Council

 The council is comprised of businesses and organizations that support and endorse the purposes of Love Ishikari Coast with HAMANASU Project and are responsible for project operations. 




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